Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz: Circumstances of the Breakup

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Which of the following reasons did your boyfriend give when he broke up with you?

"I think I need some space, and some time on my own..."
"We just don't have anything in common, really"
"I think we've drifted apart, and we're not compatible"
"All the fighting and arguing is just ridiculous - I can't take it"
"We should take a break, to see if we're really meant to be together"

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Exactly how your breakup played out can be the single biggest determining factor as to whether or not your relationship is salvagable. An ex who dumped you without word or warning is already detached from the situation, but when you're given specific reasons for the breakup it's because your boyfriend still cares what you think of him.

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You'd also be foolish to take your boyfriend's words at face value. Based upon what he says you might think you know why your ex is breaking up with you, but in actuality most guys are afraid to reveal the true motives behind the breakup. This is because once you know why he's ending the relationship, it becomes a whole lot easier for you to stop the break in its tracks.

It's very rare that a guy comes right out and tells you he just doesn't like you anymore. Such brutal honesty doesn't really exist, which is why most guys will make up excuses for wanting to split up. This is where the "we'd be better off with other people" speech comes in. Another popular favorite for when a guy doesn't know what to say: "we've just drifted apart".

Fighting takes place within even the best of relationships, but in some cases the fighting can get extreme. If your boyfriend cites fighting as a reason for breaking up with you, it's actually not all that bad. It shows that your relationship is still full of passion: although you fight hard, you also probably love each other hard too. Odds are good you'll be missing each other very quickly if you broke up due to fighting.

When your boyfriend suddenly wants space, what he really wants is for you to wait around for him. He'd like to see what else is available out there, yet still have the option to come back to you if nothing works out for him. This is where you need to show him that he stands to lose you. The quicker you can apply certain withdrawal techniques, the faster you can get him to respond to you.

The same thing goes for a boyfriend who unexpectedly wants a break. In this case, it's possible that your ex already has his eye on someone else. By asking for a break instead of breaking up with you outright, your boyfriend thinks he'll be allowed to see this other person while you stick patiently around. You can get your ex back fast by showing him just how much you're not willing to do play that game.

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