What To Do If Your Boyfriend Asks For a Break

Breaking up is always hard, but what do you do when your boyfriend asks for a "break" from your relationship? Does he just need a little space, or will you lose him for good? Knowing what to do in this unique situation is important, so that you and your boyfriend don't break up. If you'd like to keep your boyfriend, the following guide will show you how.

Boyfriend Wants Break

"Maybe we should take a break..."

The words hit hard, and confusion follows. Immediately you'll have a thousand frantic questions for your soon-to-be ex boyfriend.

Why? How long of a break? Do we stay exclusive?

Don't you want to go out with me anymore?

This type of situation is more common than you think, and can leave you feeling upset, rejected, and angry. But the next moves you make are important ones, if you want to keep your relationship together. Making the correct moves is critical to staying a couple.

When your boyfriend talks about taking a "break" from your relationship (which is about as lame of a copout as you'll ever get), you need to take instant action. Right away, do the following:

Find Out If He's Interested In Another Girl

As tough as it is to hear this, most guys who ask for a break end up doing so because they want to date someone else. By putting your relationship in a holding pattern, your boyfriend thinks he's got the freedom to go out and date other people on a trial basis. And if he doesn't like it? Hey, he can always come back to you. Right? Wrong.

If you're not crazy about the idea of your boyfriend going out and sleeping with other girls, you'll need to call him on it. The simplest thing to do is ask him if he plans on seeing someone else, and if so, does he have someone already in mind? Asking this question while angry or confrontational won't get you anywhere, but if you do it calmly and rationally... he may just own up to it. In the end, if your boyfriend plans on taking another relationship for a test drive, he knows you're going to wind up hearing about it. For this very reason he may just fess up.

Instantly Remove His Safety Net

Whether your boyfriend plans on dating someone secretly or in plain sight, he's using the term "break" instead of breakup for one simple reason: just in case he and his new girlfriend don't work out. This is why you need to let him know right away that if this is the case, you won't be around when he gets finished.

Your boyfriend asking for a break because he feels he needs some space is fine, or even if he needs time to think. But breaking up with you just so he can "legally" sleep with another girl - that's something completely different. Let him know you love and want to be with him, but that once he crosses that line there's no coming back to you. This removal of his dating safety net will cause him to think twice before doing anything stupid.

Allow Him Time to Do His Thing

By the time your boyfriend wants a break from your relationship, it's already too late to convince him otherwise. The wisest thing to do is let him go. Don't try to talk him out of it - tell him you love him and walk away. But before you do? Agree with him that yes, you could use some space as well. By leaving without crying, begging, or causing any drama, your ex is going to wonder why you're letting him go so easily. This will nag at him the entire time you're apart. Is she sick of me? Does she want to see someone else? These are the things he'll be asking himself while the two of you are on a break... all because you didn't fight his decision to temporarily break up.

Give Him All The Space In The World (Which is More Than He Wants)

The last aspect of handling your break is really going through with it. Let your ex have exactly what he asked for: a break from you, your relationship, and everything to do with you as a couple.

And not just a partial break, mind you, but a completely silent time apart. This means you can't call, email, or text message your boyfriend while the two of you are taking time off from your relationship. And any communication he makes to you must also go unanswered. If you talk to him, email him, or stay in touch with your boyfriend during this critical time period, it'll only extend the number of days or weeks the two of you are apart.

Why? Because knowing you're still on the other end of the phone or computer makes your ex feel safe and secure. He'll continue the breakup for as long as things stay cozy for him, and nothing's cozier than you being right at the end of his fingertips.

When your boyfriend asks what's wrong, tell him "nothing". A break is a break, and if you're following through with it you should expect him to also. Either he dates you or he doesn't: he can't have his cake and eat it too. By sticking to your guns here your boyfriend will respect you, but moreover he'll be worried that maybe during this time period you might decide you don't want him anymore. Or maybe you'll go out and find somebody else. These are all things your ex doesn't want; he'd like you to stay quietly put - and in plain sight - until he decides to reverse the breakup. But by leaving him completely alone and disconnecting totally from your boyfriend, you're giving him an overdose of the "space" he wanted. And he's going to find it very lonely, very fast.

Fixing Your Relationship For Good - Beyond the Breakup

Any time your boyfriend asks for a break, it's a poor reflection on your relationship. So when you finally do get back together? Sit down and talk with him to find out what's missing. Something's wrong with the romance if one person feels the need to break away for a while... maybe you were smothering him? Giving him too much attention? Ask your boyfriend why he left.

And what do you do if the break keeps going on and on? When you're afraid the situation might become permanent, it's time to take action. You'll need to move quickly to avoid him losing interest, and you'll also need to know the right moves to make to put him back into your arms.

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