Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz: Type of Communication

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Describe the written, text, or email communication you've had since your boyfriend broke up with you:

I haven't had contact with my ex, not yet anyway
We've shared a few casual emails, mostly small talk
We talk regularly through email and text messages, about almost everything
My exboyfriend sent me an apology letter, saying he was sorry that we couldn't be together
He's sent me cards, flowers, etc... but only because of a special event (birthday, graduation, etc...)

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If your ex boyfriend left you with a bunch of words in the form of letters, emails, or text messages, he was probably trying to tell you something. Decyphering his true intentions could make getting him back a whole lot easier.

Ex Boyfriend Text Message

The more determined someone is to break off a relationship, the tougher it can be to find words. A guy who says very little or leaves suddenly and silently can be a lot more serious about breaking up than someone who feels the need to write things down.

If your boyfriend is still emailing or text-messaging you after the break up, it's a very good sign. It means he hasn't moved on completely from the end of your relationship, and is enjoying the comfort and security of leaving the doors open for communication.

Sometimes, especially in the case of long-term relationships, an ex boyfriend will send you a card or flowers for your birthday. This is his way of acknowledging you, your past relationship, and the substantial amount of time you spent together. While it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to get back together, it does mean that you're on your ex boyfriend's mind. In short, he's missing you... and this is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting your ex back.

Any type written letter or apology letter you might receive from your exboyfriend is a big step toward reconciliation. Even if it's a "sorry things didn't work out" type of deal, what your ex is really saying here is that he still has feelings for you. Such contact is meant for him to feel better, not you, and it's a big sign that your ex is insecure about his decision to break things off. Sit tight, because his confidence is wavering.

Talking regularly after the breakup is not an uncommon things these days. Just be sure not to make the mistake of being too friendly with your ex boyfriend, or you'll find it very difficult to make that transition from friendship back to romance.

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