Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz: Duration Until Contact

Question 4 of 18:

How long after the breakup did your ex boyfriend contact you?

It took a few weeks before he reached out
He didn't, and I had to initiate contact with him
My ex and I haven't had any contact since we broke up
My ex called or texted me the next day
He called me, but he was only returning my message

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When your ex boyfriend is rethinking his decision to end things, he'll often reach back out to you. The sooner he makes this type of connection, the more he's looking to keep you in his world.

Contact With Ex Boyfriend

In the case where your ex is the first to initiate contact after the break up, this is a very good sign. It shows he was hasty in ending the relationship, and that he's already having second thoughts.

Sometimes an ex will call or contact you under the guise of something else, like 'checking to see how you are'. Don't let this fool you - in all likelihood he was just looking for an excuse to get back in touch.

On the other hand, contacting your ex first can put you into an immediate position of weakness. The quicker you try getting back in touch with an ex boyfriend who dumped you, the more needy and desperate you'll seem. Losing your ex's respect can rapidly destroy his opinion of you right now, making it almost impossible to get him back. Later on in the process of winning him over, you'll need as much of his respect as possible.

If your ex calls after a few weeks, it could be because he had a chance to think things over. This is good news, because depending upon how your relationship ended it's possible he cooled off enough to realize he still wants you. Something seems to have changed, to make him call you at this time.

Remember that no contact after the break up isn't necessarily a bad sign either. By steering clear of your ex boyfriend and giving him room to breathe, you're also creating a void in his life that you used to fill.

Detachment techniques are a key part of reversing your break up. Given time by himself, there's an excellent chance your boyfriend comes back around all on his own.

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