Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz: Current Contact

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Describe the frequency of contact you currently have with your ex:

I hear from him every day
We communicate a few times a week
There's been no contact since the breakup
I talked to him over a month ago
We contact each other every two weeks or so

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When and how your ex boyfriend contacts you is always a tremendous sign of how much he wants you back. A guy who still needs you in his life will eventually re-open the lines of communication, out of fear of losing your interest for good.

Exboyfriend Calling

An ex who keeps trying to communicate after dumping you isn't completely comfortable with his decision. He may be second guessing things, or he may be trying to keep you hanging on in order to hedge his bets.

Another important factor when it comes to ex boyfriend contact: who is initiating the communication. An ex who calls out of the clear blue sky is always preferable to an exboyfriend who calls you only because you first called him and left him a message.

There are many signs you can look for when an ex boyfriend is thinking about you. Getting back on his mind is a crucial part of winning him back, and there are several ways you can accelerate the process of making your ex miss you.

And even if your ex hasn't called or contacted you? Things aren't always all that bad. Right after the breakup, there's a necessary period during which time apart will do you good. By allowing yourself this time away from your ex boyfriend, you can concentrate on exactly which reconnection techniques are best for putting yourself back in his life again.

Contact is a huge indicator of whether or not your ex wants the breakup to be permenent or temporary.

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