Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz: Questions Your Ex Will Ask You

Question 11 of 18:

After your ex broke up with you, which of the following questions did he ask?

"Are you going to start dating other guys right away?"
"When can I stop to get my things from your place?"
He didn't ask anything, he just broke up with me
"I think splitting up is the best thing for both of us, don't you?"
"I just want to make sure you're gonna be okay after this"

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Your breakup isn't permanent unless your ex boyfriend is committed to moving on. That's why if he's still asking questions after the break up, it's a sure sign he might be second-guessing himself on the decision to end your relationship.

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Any exboyfriend who asks for his things immediately might be trying to quickly move forward. If your relationship ended in fighting or bad blood between the both of you, this might be why. Still, this doesn't necessarily mean he won't have second thoughts as time goes on. The longer you spent time apart from your ex, the more both of you will start missing each other.

When your ex calls to "see if you're okay" after a break up, what he's really doing is feeding you a line. It's possible he feels guilty for the way he broke up with you, but it's more likely he wants to know how you plan to move forward.

Ideally he'd love for you to be okay with the breakup; this makes him comfortable enough to start looking at other girls. But if your boyfriend thinks you're pissed or upset about how things ended, he might be afraid you'll take revenge in the form jumping on the first guy who comes along.

Regardless of the fact that you're technically single, your ex doesn't want to see you with another guy right now. "Are you okay" is his way of appeasing you, and this is always why he'll ask such a question.

If your boyfriend suggests breaking up and asks whether you think it's a good idea, he's trying to weigh your reaction. This is a great time to agree with the breakup, and then sit back and watch your ex's jaw drop open. Agreeing with his suggestion to end the relationship is the last thing your boyfriend wants, for a number of reasons. Take advantage of this right away, and you can stop the breakup before it happens.

Finally, an ex who asks if and when you plan to start seeing other guys is already dreading that moment. He's already re-thinking his decision, and you can easily shake him here.

Don't reveal too much, and certainly don't offer to 'stick around' for a while to give the breakup time to set in. Your boyfriend wants to have his cake and eat it too, meaning he'd like the freedom to see what else is out there while maintaining the comfort of knowing you'll still be around in case he changes his mind.

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