Does Your Ex Boyfriend Still Love You?  Take The Get Your Ex Back Quiz!

If there's one thing that will keep you going through your break up, it's knowing that your ex still has feelings for you. The odds of getting back together with your boyfriend are greatly increased when you know whether or not he's missing or thinking about you, because it helps you plan the timing of your approach.

Ex Boyfriend Back Quiz

Below you'll find a fast, easy way to tell exactly how much your ex still loves you: the Ultimate Ex Back Quiz. The answers you provide will reveal valuable information on what your exboyfriend is feeling, regardless of how he's currently been acting toward you.

These 18 simple questions about your breakup can provide important insight into what's currently going on in your ex boyfriend's head. Learn his motivations behind the breakup, and exactly which emotional bonds he still feels toward you.

Keep track of your Does My Exboyfriend Still Love Me score at the top of each question page. Your total score will be evaluated at the end of the quiz, letting you know the level of attachment your ex boyfriend still feels toward you.

On a question-by-question basis, the Ex Back Quiz will also provide suggestions on how you can improve the current situation between you and your ex boyfriend.

Not sure how he feels? Want to know what he's thinking? Find out right now!

Question 1 of 18:

How long did your relationship with your ex boyfriend last?

A few weeks
Several months
About a year
Two to three years
More than three years

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