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Thank you for taking our quiz! After answering all the questions, your final score has been tallied. The higher you scored on the quiz, the better the chance that your ex boyfriend may still have strong feelings for you. This type of emotional attachment will make it easier to get him back.

The following are recommendations made according to your final score. They're specific to just how much of a response your ex has shown in you so far, as well as hidden feelings or subconscious actions he may have displayed since the break up. You can find much more detailed information on your score below:

Final Score: Less than 15 Points

Unfortunately, your ex boyfriend hasn't shown you much attention or interest since your relationship ended. That said, don't let this discourage you. Many times an ex boyfriend will totally ignore you or stay as far away as possible in the days and weeks following your breakup. This doesn't mean he doesn't still love you, it only means he's chosen to hide his feelings right now, or to push them aside.

Guys aren't always eager to let you know how they truly feel. Yet the more you pry to find out where you stand, the faster your ex seems to slip away. This could be what's going on right now, and you may need to back off a bit in order for your ex to fully appreciate the relaitonship he's leaving behind.

If your breakup is pretty recent, you have no need to worry just yet. Spending time apart is good for the both of you, and actually boosts your chances of getting back together. However, if your breakup happened more than seven or eight weeks ago, you'll need to start making some moves. Your best chance of reconnecting lies in Brad Browning's fast-working reversal techniques, which are aimed specifically for getting your boyfriend back when he's shown little to no reponse to you so far.

Final Score: 15 → 28 Points

Although you may have had minimal contact from your ex boyfriend since the breakup, it's probably been a bit one-sided. If you're the one initiating all the communication and your ex is only responding to you out of obligation, it may be signaling his detachment (or attempted detachment) from your past romance altogether.

At this point, you need to find ways to get your exboyfriend to contact you. Calling or contacting him first has put you at a big disadvantage, and at times you probably feel as if you're bothering him. Right now your ex has all the power, and you have none of it. Getting back on equal footing can only be accomplished by certain withdrawal methods on your part, and the sooner you get started on this the better.

If you happen to be friends with your ex boyfriend, you also need to end that arrangement right away. Very few guys will trade a nice, comfortable friendship with an ex girlfriend for the potential disaster of getting back together without first fixing what's wrong with the relationship. Remember the golden rule: the more friendly you are with your ex, the further and further removed from a romantic relationship you become.

Check out this free opening moves video at The Magic of Making Up. The tricks learned here can get you started on the path to independence, and will have your ex boyfriend missing you in no time at all.

From there, T.W. Jackson's step-by-step plan for getting your boyfriend back can help get him to start chasing you, instead of you running after him all the time.

Final Score: 29 → 43 Points

Scoring in the mid-range, your situation is plagued by some pretty mixed signals. Your ex boyfriend's own actions indicate conflicting thoughts on his part; although he initiated the breakup and wants to be left alone, there are still some parts of him that want to be with you. When this happens, your ex will look to prolong the breakup and see where his freedom takes him... but all the while, he still hopes you'll somehow wait around for him.

Even worse, while playing the field your ex might still give you false hope and string you along in order to keep you from losing interest. If you're stuck in a situation like this, it's extremely important that you don't play his game.

The fact that your ex still has feelings for you is some very good news. There have been signs he doesn't want you to move on, and your boyfriend has given off signals that there could still be a future together with you.

The bad news however, is that your ex isn't going to wait around forever. Right now he's looking for the next best thing, and given the chance to find it your boyfriend will detach himself from your past relationship pretty fast. The second your ex starts dating another girl is the second he pushes any conflicting feelings aside. To avoid this, you need to take some quick action.

There are ways to subtly remind your ex boyfriend of the past he had with you, and more importantly, make him realize he stands to lose someone he really does love. If you can re-paint the picture he saw when the two of you first got together, you can recapture the original magic of your past relationship and get your ex to want you again.

For the best ideas on how to do this, check out Breakup Reversed. The psychological techniques found within are exceptionally helpful when it comes to turning around your ex boyfriend's current way of thinking, and for tipping the scales back in your favor.

Final Score: 44 → 60 Points

You scored fairly high on the quiz, and as a result you've made some excellent progress. Your boyfriend is showing definite signs of wanting you back, and has probably gone out of his way to keep the lines of communication open. His feelings for you are intact, and he's struggling with them. This is all great news if you've been trying for a while to get back together with him.

Continued encouragement on your part is a good idea, but not too much encouragement. Eventually you'll reach a point in the breakup where your ex boyfriend's advances might come to a standstill. As soon as he knows you want him back, he'll feel comfortable right where he is. This is where he'll stop taking steps in your direction, and the whole process of winning your boyfriend back will stall out for a while.

By this point you might be back in a physical/intimate relationship again. If this is the case, make sure things are still progressing in the direction of reconciliation. If you find your ex boyfriend calling or coming over just for sex (and then disappearing for a while afterward), he could be hooking up with you for all the wrong reasons. Remember, your ultimate goal is to re-establish a long term meaningful relationship with your ex boyfriend, not provide him with a booty call whenever he gets lonely.

Your next step is to get your ex boyfriend to commit to you again. Unless he does this, you can easily slip right back into a situation where contact is broken. There are ways to push your ex in the right direction, and to get him to see you romantically once more.

The Ex Back System is a relationship resource designed specifically for this type of breakup scenario. It contains advice on how to get your ex to fall back in love with the idea of dating you again, and what to do when you first start meeting up with or seeing your ex after the breakup.

Final Score: More than 60 Points

Congrats! You're very close to fixing your breakup and dating your ex boyfriend again. The signs he's given off so far are more than just indications of interest; your ex not only still loves you, but is hung up on the idea of having you in his life. The last thing for you to do? Officially get back together with him.

As is often the case, that last step can be just as hard as the first one. For example, how do you approach the idea of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend again? Up until now you've probably avoided talking about the breakup and the problems of your past relationship, mostly out of fear of placing blame.

Understand that if your ex has shown this much interest, he's almost certainly ready to get back with you. He's looking for reasons to undo the breakup, and he wants this to happen without him looking foolish. After all, he initiated the end of your relationship. For this reason, you might need to initiate the beginning of your new one.

Getting your ex boyfriend comfortable with the idea of dating you again is a critical part of the ex back process. You both must wipe the slate clean, and somehow get over the sins of the past. Whatever mistakes that were made need to be forgiven, so you can begin a healthy new relationship from scratch.

To get over this final hurdle, check out Win Back Love. Step by step, this system will walk you throught the process of getting your exboyfriend to not only come back, but to actually fall back in love with you. This creates a lasting relationship built on new ground instead of a shakey romance constructed on the shattered remains of past fighting and old arguments.

Also be sure to learn the 7 critical do's and dont's of dating your ex boyfriend, once the two of you are talking again

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