Does My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Quiz: Reasons Your Ex Will Call You

Question 10 of 18:

What reasons has your ex boyfriend given for contacting you?

He's contacted me to ask my opinion on things
My ex called to let me know he started seeing another girl
I haven't had any contact with my ex yet
My ex called to get his stuff back, and that's about it
He's asked about my family, and how they've been doing

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Your ex boyfriend won't call you up without a reason. Most of the time he'll look for an excuse to get back in touch, and exactly how he goes about doing this can tell a lot about his intentions.

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It's never a good sign if your ex only called one time, possibly to stop by and get his things. Either he's trying to be finished with the relationship, or he still feels awkward around you. This could be a result of the breakup still being fresh, or maybe because he fears you might try to talk him out of the break up.

Over time the awkwardness will pass for the both of you, and you'll eventually start missing each other. To jump-start your efforts on getting him back, learn your best opening moves after the breakup.

Sometimes, an exboyfriend will call with a very indirect reason. He might ask you about a family member, especially if you dated each other for a long time and got close to one-another's extended family. See this for what it is: a sweet excuse to make contact. This is almost always a good indication that your ex wants you back; he's too shy to start something up with you directly, so he's breaking the ice with a more innocent approach.

Although it might seem pretty strange, some guys will feel the need to call and tell you when they've moved on. If your ex contacts you to let you know that he started dating someone else, it's because he's trying to get a reaction out of you. Basically, your exboyfriend is looking to see if you're going to be jealous. If he's still unsure whether or not the breakup was a good idea, he might be looking to see whether or not you'll start dating someone else too.

Last by not least, if your exboyfriend called for your opinion on something it means he still holds you in high regard. A guy who really has his heart set on breaking up with you wouldn't be calling for such an out-of-the-blue reason. Essentially, your ex just wanted to hear your voice. He misses you, but he's not yet ready to commit to reversing the breakup.

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