Does My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Quiz: Distribution of Contact

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What percent of contact with your ex boyfriend is initiated by you, and how much is started by him?

The level of communication is probably about 50/50
I'd say I initiate contact 75% of the time, he does it about 25%
Right now I don't have any contact with my ex boyfriend
He calls or contacts me more than I contact him
He'll return my call or message, but I have to call him first

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There are varying levels of communication you can have with your ex boyfriend, but the best form of contact is always initiated by him, not you.

Ex Boyfriend Contact

Email, text-messages, Facebook, MySpace... there are many ways in which you ex might choose to re-open the lines of communication. This type of post-breakup contact is becoming more and more common these days, as people are more connected than ever before.

Any time your ex initiates contact you can take it as overwhelming sign of interest. A guy looking to make up or reconcile with you will never be afraid to initiate such communication, and this is a great indicator that your ex is missing you.

Understand that an ex boyfriend won't contact you without some type of reason behind it. He might even want you back, and may be looking for the right angle to approach you.

That said, if most of the contact is started on your end, it's not that desirable a scenario. Chasing your ex boyfriend always looks bad, and although he may be making small talk and returning your messages, it's also possible he's just being polite.

The best thing to do in this case is to stop trying to get in touch with him and see what happens. You might find that by ignoring your ex boyfriend for a little while, he'll soon be ringing your phone for a change.

If you have no contact at all with your ex boyfriend, hang tight. Check out these reinsertion techniques that can put back on track to becoming a part of his life again.

Ex Boyfriend Back Quiz

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