Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz: Interpreting His Words

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What does your ex boyfriend say about his single life?

I have no idea, we haven't been talking
He's gone out of his way to let me know he's not dating anyone
My ex is pretty open about who he hangs out with
He doesn't mention his single life much, unless I ask him
Most of the time he's asking about my life, not his own

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As a general rule, an ex who wants to move on won't tell you much about his new lovelife. But an ex boyfriend who stays very open about his new single life is letting you have this information for a very specific reason.

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Most guys who end a relationship like to leave the door to reconciliation open. Your boyfriend might think that until he starts dating another girl, you'll probably still take him back. For this reason he'll most likely be open about how single he is, and might even go out of his way to let you know he's not with anyone. Not yet, anyway.

An open ex boyfriend is still open to the possibility of getting back together. This is great news if you've been working to get back with your ex, as it's a big indication he hasn't completely checked out of the relationship.

Keeping this in mind, you should never be prying into your ex boyfriend's new social life. Prying or prodding him for information will make you look desperate, and it will instantly turn your boyfriend off. The less interest you show, the better off you'll be. Play your cards right, and your ex will interpret your disinterest as you slipping away from him. This isn't what he wants, because it closes the door on your terms.

Conversely, an ex who suddenly becomes secretive about what he's doing may be dating someone else (or at least thinking about it). He might also be trying to detach from you emotionally, breaking away the social bonds that you shared while dating. When this happens there are certain techniques that will pull him back, but you need to apply these methods quickly before he's able to shelve his feelings for you.

If your ex boyfriend is asking about your own dating status, it could be because he's feeling jealous. He wants to know if you've been able to find someone to replace him, so the more vague you are with your answers the better it will be. Remember that getting your boyfriend back is all about putting him out of his comfort zone; you need to give your exboyfriend a sense of urgency if you want him to need you again.

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