Does My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Quiz: Talking About The Good Old Days

Question 17 of 18:

How often does your ex boyfriend refer to memories of when you were together?

All the time, but he blames me for the break up
Once in a while he'll bring up "the good old days"
I've tried bringing up our past history, but he becomes uncomfortable and changes the subject
I haven't talked to my ex boyfriend since we separated
He'll talk about the good times, but never mentions the bad ones

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There's a very simple reason your exboyfriend will talk about your prior history together: he's not yet ready to give it up. Therefore the more your ex keeps bringing up the past, the better the chances that he inwardly still wants to be with you.

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One of the good things about breaking up is that it forces you and your boyfriend to spend time apart. This is where you start to miss each other, thinking back to all the good times you had together while mostly glossing over the bad ones.

The passing of time is strange like that. Good memories are made sharper, and more magnified as we try to remember them. Bad memories tend to fade, maybe because they're not worth remembering.

Any time your ex brings up the 'good old days', it's because he loves to relive them. This may be a prelude to getting back together, because it could mean he wants to experience more of those times with you.

Also, an ex who suspects you still love him will be very careful about mentioning such things, for fear of giving you false hope. If he keeps pressing on with them, the hope of getting back together is probably not all that false.

When your ex blames you for the breakup, it's actually a really good sign. He's deferring the blame onto you in order to clear the way for the possibility of reversing the breakup. He may be pulling the "you made me do this to us" card on you, as a way of getting his foot back in the door.

An ex who talks about the past, especially the very best times he had with you, is also feeling you out. He's looking to you for a reaction, to see if you also agree that these were great times. If you've been good together in the past, it stands to reason that the two of you could be good together again. Every great memory should remind you of this, and it will remind your ex also.

Learning these positive recollection techniques can help put your ex boyfriend back on the same page as you, and make him suddenly want you back. In a lot of cases these methods can work very quickly, so be prepared to take the steps that come afterward.

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