Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz: Giving Back Your Ex's Things

Question 6 of 18:

How soon after the breakup did your ex boyfriend want his things back?

He left a few things but said I could throw them out
He never really had stuff at my place
It took him a day or two to gather his belongings
Several weeks went by before he asked for his stuff back
I still have his stuff - he hasn't asked for it back

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It's the number one reason people end up seeing each other after a breakup: "I need to get my stuff back." If you're looking to get back together with your boyfriend, this type of scenario can be a great opportunity for reconnecting with your ex.

Ex Boyfriend Wants Stuff Back

When your boyfriend comes to get his stuff, he's forced to face you. In a way this can be very good, because if your ex was actually looking for a reason to see you again, this instantly provides him with a nice, seemingly innocent excuse.

Keep in mind that an ex who still feels attached to you on some levels won't be in any hurry to get his things. The longer he can keep his stuff at your house, the longer he can keep that one last connection. In some cases, your boyfriend will intentionally leave something semi-important in your possession, and maybe even act too busy to stop by and pick it up.

When your ex comes to get his things immediately after the breakup, it's probably because he's bitter or angry. Your relationship probably ended on a very volatile note, and he's thinking more with his heart than his head.

More than likely, your boyfriend will wait a few weeks before bringing up the subject of his things. This allows the breakup time to "take", and it also gives him options. Your boyfriend can decide to keep going with it and part ways, or he can use getting his stuff as an excuse to see you again. Either way, he's not 100% yet ready to cut you out of his life forever, and by the time he comes by he's already going to be missing you.

If you're looking to get back together with your ex boyfriend, a good rule of thumb is to never offer to give his things back. Once you do, you sever that last connection; a connection you could've used later on down the line, when cooler heads will prevail.

As an added benefit, by not rushing to hand him his stuff your ex will realize that you're not desperate to see him. This is a great way to kick off the no-contact phase of the break up. This is where you can take a step back, regain control of your emotions, and begin working on some of the many ways to make your ex want you back.

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