Does My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Quiz: Dealing With His Friends

Question 12 of 18:

How have friendships been handled since the break up?

His friends have avoided me, for the most part
My ex's friends say hi to me, but nothing more
His friends have offered their support for me
My ex's friends tell me he's unhappy since the break up
I've heard through friends that my ex has been asking about me

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When your ex is considering undoing the breakup, he might first run the idea past some of his closest friends. By examining how they treat you, you can get a pretty good idea as to whether or not your ex boyfriend might be changing his mind.

Ex Boyfriend's Friends

First things first: you should never approach your ex's friends after the breakup. Doing this could piss him off, and no matter what your intentions your ex will interpret this as you prying on him. This is a form of chasing after your ex boyfriend, and you need to avoid doing it - no matter how close you and his friends might've once been.

That said, there's nothing to prevent you from keeping an ear to the ground. If your ex's friends are avoiding you, they might be following his wishes. This means your boyfriend is not ready to be approached just yet, and you need to steer clear for a while.

In some situations your ex boyfriend's friends will actually support you. It's possible they're just being polite, but it's also likely they still see something between you and your ex boyfriend. This might be why they haven't ignored you completely; they're not writing you off just yet because he hasn't written you off either.

If you find out that your ex boyfriend has been asking about you, you're pretty much golden. He might be trying to find out your current dating situation, or maybe gauging whether or not you'd even want him back. Make sure to maintain a positive attitude here, to maximize the chances of getting your ex to make his move.

And if you haven't heard from his friends at all? Don't worry about it. Some of his friends will automatically disown you out of perceived loyalty to your ex. This also might be the case if you went out fighting, so don't take it to heart.

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