Does My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Quiz: Changes in Your Ex's Attitude

Question 13 of 18:

Since the break up, what changes have occurred in your ex boyfriend's attitude?

He's gotten friendlier with me as time goes on
We've had no contact since the breakup
My ex has actually flirted with me a few times
He keeps his distance, and things have been pretty much the same
Lately my ex has been contacting me a lot more

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If your ex decides he wants you back, there will be radical changes in the way he treats you. Some changes will come quickly, and others might take longer, but you need to know where to look for the signs that your ex still loves you.

Ex Boyfriend Loves You

Unless your relationship ended on a really bad note, there's no reason your ex can't be friendly around you. By itself, this isn't out of the ordinary. What you need to really look for however, is a sudden change in the way your exboyfriend is treating you.

If he gets overly happy when he sees you, it could be a sign your ex is rethinking your relationship. If he gets sullen or depressed around you, he could actually be upset about the break up. Both ends of this emotional spectrum need to be read and compared against your ex boyfriend's normal behavior, to determine what he might be thinking.

Flirting with you is always a big signal given off when your ex is once again thinking of you in romantic ways. While it's possible he's looking strictly for sex, there are also times when your exboyfriend may be intentionally throwing off these signals to see if you pick up on them. Flirting back with him will show your interest, but eventually you'll need to find out exactly where your ex is going if you want him back.

If your ex is keeping his distance from you, or his attitude toward you has remained the same? It may be time to shake things up a bit. Try learning the more radical techniques for reversing your boyfriend's mindset. Once you can turn his current thinking process around, your ex will begin focusing his attention back to you.

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