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These are continuing reviews of the Top 6 guidebooks to getting your ex boyfriend back. For more reviews on The Magic of Making Up, Get Him Back Forever, and Breakup Reversed, please check out our other ex back reviews.

Review of Ex Back System

Ex Back System - REVIEW

In learning how to get back an ex boyfriend, staying one step ahead of him is half the battle. This is the premise of Brian Bold's Ex Back System, a unique 5-step approach to pulling your boyfriend back in to you rather than allowing him to slip further away.

This guide to repairing your breakup takes advantage of the fact that most men are predictable in their behavior. By anticipating what your boyfriend is going to do next, you can stack the deck in your favor by pushing exactly the right buttons that will make your ex want to be with you again.

In short, most communication you have with your ex boyfriend will be bad. There are too many detrimental things you can do, totally unknowingly, that will blow any shot you have of getting your boyfriend back. Commit too many of these errors and you can easily push your boyfriend away for good, making it almost impossible to fix your breakup.

That said, there some methods that do work. Brian lists each of these methods within the Ex Back System, from his very effective "fix it" letter to tips and tricks that will lay the foundation for future reconciliation.

Instead of chasing after your ex until he avoids you, Brian demonstrates ways to pique his curiosity and entice your boyfriend into suddenly wanting to know what you're doing. There are easy methods for getting your ex hooked on your every move, and as he struggles to keep tabs on where you are you'll learn ways of drawing him further and further in.

The Ex Back System also focuses on timing. Sometimes knowing what to do and say isn't as important as knowing exactly when to take action. Brian Bold points out the best and worst times for you to communicate with your ex boyfriend, as well as how you can set the stage for that all-important first contact.

Even in the case where your ex isn't responding to you, the Ex Back System has some pretty sneaky attention-grabbing techniques that will suddenly put you right back into your ex's head again. Learn how to make your ex want to see you again, and even get him to call you to set up such a date.

Throughout his entire approach, Brian's best techniques are always applied after wiping the slate clean. It doesn't matter how long it's been since the break up or what kind of mistakes you've already made... this relationship resource is designed to give immediate and definitive results when it comes to winning your boyfriend back.

One of the most expansive reconciliation systems on the internet today, check out the Ex Back System's many, many positive reviews. Read emails and letters from women who've used Brian's guide to give their relationships an all-important second chance, and find out what supplemental DVD and video instruction is also available for anyone wanting to get back together after a breakup:

The Ex Back System - by Brian Bold

Bring Back Lost Love - REVIEW

One of the oldest and most established of relationship counselors, Cucan Pemo is the author of Bring Back the Love of Your Life. He's also an established speaker at hundreds of relationship repair seminars, spread out over dozens of countries in the past decade alone.

Review - Bring Back Lost Love

Cucan Pemo's approach offers a strong, dedicated 4-step process to getting your boyfriend back. Step by step he maps out a blueprint of what you must do, and not do, in order to get your ex to want you the same way he did before.

Compared to other breakup guides, Bring Back the Love of Your Life is more focused on established relationships gone bad. It also specializes on breakups due to on-again / off-again fighting, and contains many techniques geared toward stopping your breakup from happening.

In the case where you're already broken up, Cucan Pemo assures you that your breakup doesn't have to be permanent. His 3 profound principals are the core formula for success, and once you know them getting your boyfriend back becomes a whole lot less challenging.

Just some of the highlights of this guide to stopping and reversing your breakup include the following:

  • 3 Things you MUST do before anything else
  • Knowing WHY your ex chose to let go of you
  • How to stop an ongoing breakup in its tracks
  • Instant reconnection tactics to bond with him
  • Getting your ex to finally listen to what you say
  • 4 Keys to regaining power over the relationship
  • Regaining your ex's attention & respect
  • Reinventing yourself in your ex boyfriend's eyes
  • Planting seeds that will make him want you back
  • Ways to make your ex jealous after the breakup

If you're involved in a relationship where you seem to keep breaking up (and then getting back together), Cucan Pemo's guidebook is for you. It shows the best ways to defuse a volatile relationship and get back to the conflict-free days when you loved to be with each other. You'll strengthen the bond you have with your boyfriend by learning to act as a team, getting your man to deeply commit to a long-term plan in which the both of you are happy.

Bring Back The Love of Your Life teaches all the important aspects of getting your boyfriend back, and then goes way beyond. The sheer amount of information packed into Pemo's guidebook can help open your ex's eyes to exactly what they stand to lose.

Check out the many reviews, stories, and testimonials written by readers who've already saved their relationships and marriages by using Pemo's multi-step strategies and formulas:

Bring Back The Love of Your Life - by Cucan Pemo

Review of Second Chance Romance

Second Chance Romance - REVIEW

Ghost-written by an underground internet writer, Second Chance Romance is a complete step-by-step ex back system. It focuses on the use of powerful psychological tricks and tactics, all of them designed to get inside the mind of your ex boyfriend and make him want you back.

One of the cool things about the system is that it really does guide you every step of the way. The entire process of winning your boyfriend back is covered, from the first awkward stages of your breakup to that last hurdle of re-establishing yourself as a couple again.

In between, you'll learn how to talk to your ex boyfriend, what to say to him, and how to approach the delicate subject of seeing each other again. You'll learn the right and wrong ways of getting your ex to meet up with you, and how to force him to want to initiate contact after the breakup.

Second Chance Romance does focus on the common mistakes to avoid while trying to get your boyfriend back, but it's mostly solution-driven. You're given examples of exact phrases you can use to reverse the momentum of your breakup and get your ex to see you as a positive influence in his life again. Opening lines and opening moves are all included, many of them designed to rekindle the original sparks of your relationship. By approaching your ex in such a way, you're actually maximizing the chance that your ex boyfriend will respond to you.

The system also puts an emphasis on working toward fast results. The author recognizes that in today's dating world, no one waits around forever. Many of the mental and psychological tactics are designed with this in mind, producing fast and often effortless results when applied correctly.

Check out the feedback and emails from past users of Second Chance Romance, many of whom thought their relationships were gone for good:

Second Chance Romance

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