Getting Your Boyfriend Back - Best Opening Moves After The Breakup

He's cold... he's indifferent... your ex hasn't called you or returned your messages. Hour by hour you feel him slipping away, and you're not sure where to even start when it comes to getting your boyfriend back.

Is this where you're at right now? If so, chin up. We all get dumped at one time or another, and everyone goes through this scenario. Thousands of couples break up every single day, but many thousands of couples also get back together again. In this, there's hope.

Boyfriend Broke Up With Me

The good news right now is that no matter what happened to end your relationship, there's always a way to get your ex back.

I want you to stop and think about that for a second. Close your eyes and picture yourself standing in an empty field, a mile away from your ex boyfriend.

Now imagine a thousand different paths leading away from you in all different directions. These represent the many roads you can take to get him back. Most of them lead you away from your ex, and eventually dead end. But a precious few of them? They lead right back into your boyfriend's arms.

Knowing which path to take will determine whether you win your boyfriend back or lose him for good. Walk down the wrong path for too long, and you're actually going to push him away. But choose the right one, at the right time? Not only will the two of you get back together, but you can greatly accelerate the process.

The greatest advantage you have right now is knowledge. Just as you can get good at meeting and dating people, you can also get good at halting and reversing a break up. It's a completely learnable skill, and the more you know about your ex's current mindset? The better your chances for saying and doing the right things.

In the end, getting your boyfriend back is all about timing. Not only do you need to choose the correct path, but you need to walk it at just the right tempo. Moving too fast can send your ex running in the opposite direction. Not moving at all however, can cause the opposite problem: eventually, your ex will lose interest altogether.

Knowing where to start is extremly important. There are some fast methods and techniques for taking your first steps on the right path. Learn these tips before making a single move in your ex boyfriend's direction.

Avoiding The Biggest Post-Breakup Mistakes

The opening stages of your break up are the most crucial of times. What you do (or don't do) right now will determine the overall scope and difficulty of your break up. You can run into big problems here, as most people don't immediately realize this. They do so many things early on just for the sake of doing something - anything at all - to get their exes back.

Don't Chase Your Ex Boyfriend

Mistakes during this time period are magnified, and this is a very big danger. You'll want to do anything and everything to prevent your breakup from continuing, but as it happens, the more you do to fix things the worse the situation becomes.

Right after your boyfriend breaks up with you, you're at your emotionally weakest. Your head is spinning with thousands of thoughts and ideas, and your mouth can't get them out fast enough. It's very easy to act before thinking things through.

Despair, misery, anger, bitterness... in no time at all, you can say or do things you'll very much regret later on. These knee-jerk reactions can make getting your boyfriend back a lot harder to accomplish, and in some cases, can destroy your chances altogether.

Chasing, begging, pleading, stalking... all of these actions might seem geared toward changing your ex's mind about ending the relationship. In reality though, you're only shooting yourself in the foot:

"After I break up with a girl, the last thing I want to do is hear from her. Every conversation is geared toward getting back together, and most girls won't take no for an answer."

"When your girlfriend wants you back but you still want to break up, it's hard to know what to tell her. Nothing you can say will appease her right now, which is why it's much easier to avoid your ex altogether."

"And if your ex girlfriend keeps trying to contact you? Things can get pushy very fast. Pretty soon the girl is angry at you on top of being upset, and then she tries to make you feel bad. As if breaking up wasn't stressful enough, this is additional drama you really don't need."

In short, there's no early solution to your break up. By pressing too hard immediately after your boyfriend ends the relationship, he's only going to avoid you. You might even end up making him angry. Even worse, things will quickly get awkward between the two of you. In the future, when you're finally ready to reconnect with your ex, this awkwardness will be remembered, and it will hinder your progress.

Your Best Moves Immediately After The Breakup

Believe it or not, the best thing you can do after your boyfriend breaks up with you is to let him walk away.

Seriously, that's it. By letting your ex out of the relationship without resorting to fighting, begging or pleading, you're maintaining all of the respect that your boyfriend still has for you. This becomes tremendously important later on, because having your boyfriend's respect is a huge asset on the road to getting back together again.

Agree With Breaking Up

Even better, as your ex walks away? He'll be wondering why in the hell you're not chasing him. He expected a fight... he expected you to do virtually anything and everything to try and keep the relationship going. So when you don't do any such thing? It quickly sets your boyfriend off his game.

When you walk away from the break up as cleanly as he did, you're going to make your boyfriend especially crazy. In a very strange and effective way, you just rejected him.

Although he's the one who initiated the break, your ex boyfriend counted on the fact that you still loved him. He banked on the fact that you'd try and talk him out of his decision. He expected you to chase after him, and for the contact between you to linger on.

Yet instead of the reaction he expected from you, your ex sees you suddenly walking away... almost as if you've got better things to do. It makes him wonder exactly how much you really do value your relationship, as well as whether or not you might even be interested in someone else. For all your boyfriend knows, you're just as much into the break up as he is.

Agreeing With and Accepting The Break up - Why It Works

You'll hear a lot about the importance of agreeing with your boyfriend when he breaks up with you. There's a pretty good reason for this, and that's because by accepting your situation rather than fighting against it, you're putting yourself into a much stronger position from which to act.

If your ultimate goal is to get your boyfriend back, anything and everything you do must be done from a position of control. Try to act from a position of disadvantage, and you'll quickly fail to gain any ground.

Remember: by the time he ended the relationship, your ex already had expectations as to how the breakup would go. Every time you do something outside his expected pattern of behavior, you're gaining that much more control over what happens next. By going against his preconceived notions of how the break up should go, you're actually steering it back in the direction of reconciliation. This is how you'll get your ex back.

Agreeing with your break is something your ex can't argue with. It aligns your interests, and throws him off.

What To Do If Your Break Up Already Happened

If you've been broken up for a while now, the above advice may seem a little bit late. Agreeing with the break up might not seem like an option at this point, especially if you initially fought against your boyfriend's decision to end things.

Luckily, it's not too late to take the same kind of action. There are still ways of detaching yourself from the relationship and letting your ex know that you've both accepted and agreed with the breakup. Learning this simple but unique trick can totally help put you on the right track.

Even if you haven't talked to your ex in a while, this type of approach once again opens the door. It allows you to recapture your ex's attention and let him know that you're finally moving away in an opposite direction.

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When it comes to knowing what to do after a break up, you've got many options. Your first actions however, are probably the most crucial. For this reason alone, you don't want to make any early mistakes.

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Once you've gotten past your opening moves, your next move is using detachment to draw him closer. From there, you may want to try these 5 quick adjustments that will make your ex want you back.

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