Does My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Quiz: Running Into Your Ex

Question 5 of 18:

Does your exboyfriend ever show up places he knows you might be?

At my job or home, yes
Only at the homes or parties of mutual friends
No, he's stayed away since the break up
Once he showed up somewhere he knew I would be
Maybe, I'm not really that sure

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When an ex boyfriend wants to keep track of what you're doing, it's because he's jealous you might start to move on. To make sure you don't, he might arrange to 'bump into' you unexpectedly, or drop by unannounced at places he knows you might be.

Seeing Your Ex Boyfriend

Any time your ex boyfriend suddenly drops by your job or school, it's a sure sign he's not ready to let go of you yet. There's no logical reason he should be there, other than to check up on what you're doing. Take this little pop-in as a definite sign of interest, and it's a safe bet that your ex may be feeling pangs of jealousy or regret.

Sometimes you might see your ex boyfriend at a party, or while hanging out with common friends. This doesn't necessarily mean he's trying to be around you, but if you examine his body language you can tell a great deal about how he feels toward you.

During these social situations, keep an eye on your ex boyfriend's general behavior. If he hangs out mostly with friends, that's one thing... but if your ex feels comfortable enough to approach you, he may be more interested in you than in the party itself.

Most of the time though, an ex boyfriend will keep his distance after breaking up with you. Don't take this as a sign of disinterest, because it's very likely your ex just doesn't know how to act around you right now. It's common for him to avoid you, and this is a good thing because it will give your ex the chance to actually start missing you in his life.

Once you suspect your ex is interested in seeing or talking to you again, it's time to act. Learn the best opening moves when it comes to regaining your exboyfriend's attention.

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