Does My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Quiz: Intimacy After The Break Up

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Since the breakup, what level of physical contact have you had with your ex boyfriend?

We've fooled around a little, made out, etc...
None - we haven't seen each other since the break
We've hung out together a few times, mostly in groups of friends
I had sex with my ex boyfriend once, in a moment of weakness
My ex and I regularly sleep together, even though we're no longer dating

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Intimacy after the break up can be a confusing subject. On one hand, re-igniting those physical sparks with your ex boyfriend is a crucial part of getting him back. But on the other, moving too quickly (and too repetitively) back into an intimate relationship can actually sabotage your efforts to become his girlfriend again.

Sex With Exboyfriend

It's hard not to jump back into bed with your ex boyfriend. After all, you love him. You need him, you want him, and you've been dying to get him back. So why not sleep with him when he makes advances toward you? It's not like it's something you haven't already done together dozens of times in the past.

Well, the answer to that question is fairly tricky. Because while sleeping with your ex can actually help fan the flames of a potential reconciliation, it can also put you in a position where your ex has absolutely no incentive to get back together with you.

If you're sleeping with your ex, you're obviously in contact with him. You've got communication, maybe you see each other on a semi-regular basis... perhaps you've even tried to be friends with him. Now, on top of everything else, you're providing your ex boyfriend with sex. So exactly why would he want to date you again? Right now he's got everything he had while going out with you, but with none of the pressures involved with having of a defined relationship.

This is why sleeping with your ex on a regular basis probably isn't a good thing. Yes, it shows he's still interested in you... but maybe these interests are purely physical. It's possible your exboyfriend considers your new relationship nothing more than 'friends with benefits', and won't take any further steps toward being monogamous with you again.

However, if you had sex with your ex boyfriend once or twice, perhaps in a moment of weakness or passion, it's actually a much better scenario. This could've occurred because you were caught up in the moment or overwhelming drawn to each other. You probably felt some of the original sparks of your first relationship too - the ones you experienced when you and your boyfriend first started dating.

Fooling around or flirting with your ex is a good sign too, but only if he initiates these actions. The more interest your exboyfriend shows in you, the better the chances of getting back together. Just make sure he's not looking solely for a physical hookup; mixed-signals and misinterpretations can really hurt if you're not careful.

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