Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Isn't Over You Yet

Most breakups don't take root immediately; this is why so many couples often split up and then get back together. The biggest reason for this? Mainly because emotional bonds are hard to break. Strong feelings don't just disappear, they seem to linger on both sides of the breakup, sometimes even for a long, long while.

Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You

This is why at times it seems as if your ex boyfriend is still in love with you, or at least still has strong feelings. In dating each other you formed powerful emotional bonds on some very intimate levels.

It's not uncommon to have residual feelings for someone; even for someone you yourself dumped. When this happens there will always be telltale signs of such feelings - many of them very subtle and hard to see, and some that are more obvious than others. In either case, realizing exactly how your ex truly feels about you can go a long distance toward getting your boyfriend to come back again.

When your ex isn't over you yet, you'll know it. He won't be able to face you for fear of old feelings and emotions rising to the surface. This is also the main reason why your boyfriend will avoid you in the days or weeks immediately after the breakup. It's always easier for him to stay away than it is to face a person who's still in love with him. Avoidance is his way of forcing the breakup to stick.

Later on however? The signs that he still cares will be a lot more obvious. If you're at the point where you're actually in contact with your ex boyfriend again (i.e. by way of established reconnection methods), you can tell a lot about just how much your ex is still hung up on the relationship you shared in the past.

Separating True Signs of Interest From Wishful Thinking

When you want your ex boyfriend back, it can be hard to differentiate between him actually being interested in you and just plain old wishful thinking. Your heart wants him back, so it will look for even the tiniest scrap of hope that your ex still wants you. You'll analyze his every move, his body language, and each individual word of communication you have with each other, whether it be phone call, text-message, or email.

Your head however, will always know differently. While you need to keep an open mind to the possibility of your ex regaining an interest in you, you also need to temper it against your current situation. Not everything is a sign that he's looking to get back together, and you need to be honest and up front with yourself about exactly where you stand with your ex boyfriend. Reconciliation is made easier by knowing just how far away you might be.

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Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me? What To Look For:

The way your ex treats you post-breakup can tell a lot about his future intentions. It's pretty standard for your ex to be cold, distant, and even push you away immediately after breaking things off, but a guy who's eager to put the past behind him will keep things that way.

Any time your ex starts backsliding into old habits like contacting or communicating with you again, it's because he's thinking about you. You're suddenly back on his mind again, probably through nothing more than dropping off his radar. Additionally, the following are all good signs that your ex may be ready to rekindle your old relationship:

Your Ex Calls To Tell You About Something Cool That He Did

While you were dating, you and your boyfriend shared a lot of things. Hopefully you shared in your successes and accomplishments, and experiencing these things together helped bond you as a team.

Ex Boyfriend Call

If your ex calls to tell you something good that happened to him, it's because he still feels emotionally bonded to you. It doesn't matter if he got promoted, went skydiving, or won the lottery... all that matters is that he still felt close enough to share this type of positive experience with you.

Make sure you give your ex the same encouragement you would have given him had you still been going out together. Even if the relationship ended on bitter or jealous terms, you can't let those emotions carry over into how you talk to your ex. Many women can't get past the 'you hurt me' stage, and are fairly unapproachable to an ex boyfriend even when they still want them back. The worst part is, those same women realize what they're doing wrong.

Right now, if you want him back, you need to start with a clean slate. Begin thinking of your ex boyfriend in terms of a whole new relationship, rather than dredge up bad memories from the past. Build your foundation on clean new beginnings and you'll find success in not only getting your ex back, but in keeping him happy too.

He Remembers Your Birthday, Graduation, or Special Day

Most guys have a hard enough time remembering their current girlfriend's birthday, or their anniversary. So if he's remembering special dates of yours even after the break up? It's a pretty big indication that your ex is thinking a lot more about you than you realize.

An ex boyfriend who calls you on your birthday is looking to communicate. He's taking advantage of the perfect opportunity to initiate friendly contact. If you want your ex back, you should be receptive to him but not overly eager. It's great that he's offered this olive branch, but you don't want to give away your whole hand at once.

If your ex sent you a card or email on this day, it's still a good sign. He may not yet be at the point where he can face or talk to you directly, but he did want you to know he was thinking about you, and that's a great step in the right direction.

He Still Flirts With You When He Sees You

Before you dated your boyfriend, he flirted with you. Initially this was the first sign of physical interest, and as he got to know you better there were probably some other signs too.

Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

After a breakup however, an ex boyfriend will go out of his way NOT to flirt with you... unless he's trying to accomplish one of two things. First and foremost, he could be trying to sleep with you again. Be wary of that situation, because there are many mistakes you can make here.

If that's not necessarily the case however, your ex could be warming up to you as a prelude to getting back together. He could be feeling you out, and trying to gauge where you might be in respect to renewing the relationship.

Flirting won't happen if your ex wants to move on. He'll ignore you as best he can, and will be very conscious about doing anything to falsely lead you on. This type of situation is easily spotted - if you happen to see your ex at all, he'll do whatever he can to ignore you.

An ex boyfriend who's kissing up to you again means that he may be changing his mind. As happy as that might make you, try to take it in stride. Flirt back if you want, but keep in mind that your ex may not be at the point where he wants to get back together just yet. By respecting this, you're not setting yourself up for a fall.

Your Ex Boyfriend Has a Sudden Change in Attitude Toward You

As he broke things off, your boyfriend had an idea of how he'd like things to go. Maybe he thought he'd lead a great new single life, or maybe he even had another girl in mind. Whatever the case, your ex left to pursue something else... and he probably did everything he could to make things happen after the breakup was over.

But just as in life, not everything always happens the way you want it. It's very possible that your ex boyfriend missed you more than he thought he would, or that he didn't take so well to his new bachelorhood. Maybe he was even rejected by his new love interest, and his pride wounded to the point where he turned back in your direction.

To make a long story short, any time your ex's attitude toward you radically changes, it's because something changed in his life to make him reconsider you again. It doesn't necessarily mean he's ready to get back together, but in a lot of cases it does mean he's a lot more susceptible to the idea of seeing or hearing from you.

Be careful with how you treat an ex boyfriend who pays sudden attention to you. By taking things slow, you can really get a feel for exactly what his motives might be. You also don't look too eager to get back together with him, and this is a good thing. If your ex senses that you've been sitting around waiting for him to pick back up where you left off, it might be a pretty big turnoff.

Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Interested In You Again

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