How To Seize Control - Reversing The Momentum of Your Break Up

To win back your boyfriend after he breaks up with you, you'll need to make a carefully planned series of moves. Yet before you can take any steps in your ex's direction, you'll need to execute these moves from a position of control.

If you act from a position of disadvantage, you'll be stopped and snubbed at every turn. Your ex won't take you seriously, and you'll feel strange and awkward every step of the way.

Getting Boyfriend Back

Every single thing you do must be done from a position of power. It's not enough to simply take action; you need to act decisively and with total confidence in everything you say and do.

Also realize that once he broke up with you, your boyfriend took ownership over the entire dynamic between you and him. He placed himself in a position of total control, and left you in a position of weakness. He took all the power... and while he still has it, you'll never be able to gain any ground with him.

Regaining position within the scope of your relationship - even after the break - is a crucial part of getting your boyfriend back. You need him to see you as a potential mate and future girlfriend, and not just as his ex. You also need him to see you as an equal, and not as someone he looks down upon.

Right about now, you're probably asking yourself a question:

"How can I take back control of a relationship
that's already over?"

You can't, obviously. But what you can do, from this moment forward, is seize a form of positive control of your ex boyfriend's attention.

During the break up, your ex boyfriend has a certain opinion of you - an opinion you need to quickly change. His current mindset is one-sided, up until you show him differently. There are ways of getting your ex to not only notice you again, but actually recognize that your relationship is not over.

By learning these methods you're right on track to reversing your ex's current way of thinking.

Why You Want Your Boyfriend Back... And How It Can Help You Get Him

Know why you're absolutely dying to get back together with your boyfriend?

No, seriously, ask yourself that question. It isn't necessarily because you love him. It's not even because you miss him. No, the reason you're so obsessed with getting him back right now is very simple: it's because he rejected you.

Let that statement sink in for a minute.

At the moment your boyfriend ended the relationship, your first reaction was to immediately argue against it. You probably didn't even stop to think whether or not you belong together, or if you'd be better off apart. Your response was entirely natural, but it was also reflexive.

It's human nature to want to be loved, but it's also human to want what we can't have. The second you found out you could no longer have your boyfriend was the very same second you wanted him more than anything else in the world.

But guess what? The door swings both ways. This is good news for you, because you can use this little trick to very easily make your ex want you back.

"When I know an ex girlfriend still wants me back, I'm usually not all that interested. The very fact that she's chasing me reminds me that there's a very specific reason we broke up."

"But the second your ex is no longer accessible? She instantly becomes a lot more attractive. Knowing you can't have her anymore is a big change from always knowing that your ex girlfriend is still there."

To take back some of the power you lost when your ex broke up with you, you need to stop thinking of yourself as weak and helpless. You're still strong, independent, and full of potential... and you'll need that type of confidence in learning how to get your boyfriend back.

You also have to stop thinking of your boyfriend as being in total control. Although he broke things off, he's not holding all of the cards when it comes to what happens next. There are things you can do, even right now, to change his view on things. The sooner you get started on making these adjustments, the faster your ex is going to notice you again.

Finally, you need to stop thinking of yourself as being rejected. So your boyfriend broke up with you... big deal. This doesn't give you the license to go around pitying yourself, or your current situation. The more you wallow in hopelessness? The more hopeless your scenario will become. Positivity breeds more positivity, and the opposite is just as easily true.

Reversing The Rejection - Making Your Ex Feel As If You're Rejecting Him

Your goal right now is to convince your ex that you no longer want him. This is again the opposite of what he's currently experiencing from you, so this will make him stop whatever he's doing and immediately take notice of you once again.

Rejecting Your Ex

Rejecting your ex is a simple yet effective ploy that will spark renewed interest on his end. Even if you think he's not interested in what you're currently doing, you'd be pleasantly surprised in how fast he responds to such tactics.

Because he's the one who dumped you, your ex boyfriend will think he can get you back pretty much whenever he wants. He'll take a certain comfort in this, as it allows him to pursue the breakup risk-free.

But once you've shown him you're no longer interested? Your ex suddenly has to get used to the idea of losing you. Even better, 'breaking up' with your ex at this point will put him on the receiving end of the rejection. Even though you're technically not dating anymore, you've just taken away any shot he thinks he has of being with you again.

Your ex broke up with you. Essentially, this is now you breaking up with him. It's a necessary part of getting him back, because taking this step will make your boyfriend re-examine the relationship he stands to lose. In short, you're making your ex want you again, by not wanting him.

The Step By Step Process of Making Your Boyfriend Want You Back

Looking for a proven way to regain ground? By learning your ex boyfriend's emotional hot buttons - and by pushing on them at just the right time - you can gain an almost unfair advantage. The process itself isn't that hard, but knowing exactly when to apply these techniques is crucial.

Ex Boyfriend Factor Book

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The best reconnection methods are included in this guide, specifically geared toward situations in which you haven't heard from your ex in a while. There are techniques to help not only get him interested again, but to get your ex boyfriend to call, text, or email you based upon very simple changes you've made to your daily behavioral patterns. By aligning your interests with his own, you can recreate that original magic and remind your ex of exactly why he dated you in the first place.

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There are lots of ways to take away your ex boyfriend's safety net. Learning these methods can help accelerate the process of getting your ex to call or contact you, and this is your next step.

And if you're still not sure where you stand regarding your exboyfriend? Be sure to take the get your ex back quiz.

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