Does My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Quiz: Talking After The Breakup

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When you do talk to your ex, what are your discussions about?

He wants to know what I've been doing, and who I've been hanging out with
I haven't talked to my ex since he broke up with me
Mostly small talk about school, work, family, etc...
My ex has asked if I started dating other guys yet
He talks mostly about what's going on in his life

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A boyfriend who's thinking about getting back together with you will be unable to hide certain feelings. As a result, he'll talk a certain way during any post-breakup communication with you.

Talking To Ex Boyfriend

An ex boyfriend who makes small talk still feels awkward around you. If you've been chasing him, he might be using small talk as a way of keeping you at bay, without wanting to give you any false hope for reconciliation. Look for the ultimate sign that he's not too interested: your exboyfriend rushing you off the phone.

If you haven't been pursuing your ex however, his small talk could be chalked up to nervousness around you. If he's thinking about asking you back out, your ex might be trying to feel you out, trying to gauge what your reaction to that would be.

While talking about himself might seem a little selfish, an ex boyfriend who does so is demonstrating a certain comfort level with you. He no longer feels weirded out by contact with a girl he once dated, and this is a good thing. Be careful however, not to fall into the friendship trap. There are many reasons why you should never be friends with your ex boyfriend.

Examine your boyfriend's words, and look for signs that he's being overly open with information about his social life. If your ex boyfriend still loves you he'll be sure to let you know he's still single, hoping it will somehow deter you from dating anyone else as well.

If your ex asks about your own dating situation, he's really tipping his hand. Although he's not yet ready to get back together, he's also not willing to let you start seeing other guys. His biggest fear is that you'll move on without him, leaving him alone and single without the possibility of getting you back. This is a great position to be in, and it allows you many options when it comes to getting your boyfriend back.

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