Does My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Quiz: Types of Contact

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Which type of contact do you have with your ex boyfriend right now?

Phone calls, emails, text messages
Email and text only
We currently have no contact
We go out of our way to see each other
I've seen him once or twice

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When it comes to how much interest your ex boyfriend still has in you, the type of contact he makes is very important. The more up front and personal the exboyfriend contact, the greater the chance he's still hung up on you, and the relationship you shared together.

Ex Boyfriend Contact

Many times your ex will try to keep up with you through email or text-messaging. This might seem like your ex is just trying to be friendly, but often it's a sign that he's trying to keep tabs on you. By always keeping you within easy reach, your ex doesn't have to lose you for good. He knows this, and that's why emailing you or texting you is such an easy option for him.

If your ex boyfriend is communicating through phone calls, he's chosen a far more intimate way of keeping in touch. Since this type of contact requires a direct one-on-one connection, it's a very positive sign that your ex still wants you in his life right now. A guy who dumped you looking for a clean slate certainly wouldn't be talking to you, even under the guise of a friendship-type of relationship.

Last but certainly not least, still seeing your exboyfriend is the best case scenario when it comes to post-breakup contact. If your ex keeps coming by or stopping - especially if he's making excuses to do so - it means he's not ready to let you go just yet. Despite saying he wants to break up, your ex is still on the fence about what he wants to do. Face-to-face meetings are great stepping stones on the road to getting your boyfriend back, and can lead to that ever-important reunion date.

And if you haven' had any contact since your ex broke things off? Don't panic right away. If your breakup is pretty recent, chances are good your ex hasn't had the chance to miss you yet. Give him a few weeks to come around.

Reconnecting with an ex is always a difficult process. Learn the right and wrong ways to talk to your ex boyfriend when you're finally ready to make that first contact.

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