Ways To Make an Ex Boyfriend Jealous - How to Make Him Want You Again

Getting an ex boyfriend's attention is the foundation of getting him interested in you again. If you're looking for ways to get your man back, you'll need to know how to reinsert yourself back in his head.

Make Ex Boyfriend Jealous

Making him jealous is one of the fastest and most effective methods for getting your exboyfriend to look your way. But at the same time, it's also a tool that needs to be used in moderation...

Jealousy is the single greatest motivator when it comes to a relationship - even one that's broken up. It doesn't matter how long ago you got dumped or how distant your ex might seem: the moment you make him envious is the very second he begins noticing you again.

Even in the scenario where you haven't talked to or heard from your ex in a while, jealousy can be used as a crowbar to pry your way back into his thoughts again. You need to be careful however, with how you use it.

The best ways of making your ex jealous involve anything that doesn't point back to you directly. If your exboyfriend thinks for one minute that you're trying to get his attention - all bets are off. Jealously only works when your boyfriend notices things on his own, which is why you can't overly flaunt or point out what's going on to him. But at the same time, you also need to do certain things within plain sight, so he visualizes certain aspects of your new post-breakup life.

Below you'll find a list of sizzling hot ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous.

Move On From The Relationship... FAST

The quicker you can get over the break up, the more respect your ex will have for you. By not begging or pleading for him to give your romance a second chance, you're essentially shrugging your shoulders and showing your exboyfriend that you don't care so much.

Think this is a bad thing? Not by a longshot. In fact, the less he thinks you cares right now, the more you're going to shake him up. By walking away with a smile on your face? You're showing him that maybe he underestimated you... and how much you really needed him to begin with. This takes away much of his power, as your ex suddenly starts to realize that maybe - just maybe - he couldn't get you back if he wanted to.

Guys like to think they made the right decision when they break up with you. By showing him the break up seemingly hasn't affected you? You're actually causing him to question his decision to end things.

Disappear Completely

Dropping out of your ex's sight is the one and only way to make him wonder where you are. Steer clear of him, his friends, and any friends of yours that might report your activities back to him (at least initially). There will be a certain time to make your ex boyfriend jealous, and that time will definitely require you being in his line of sight. But first, you need to disappear for a while so he can both miss you and wonder what you could be up to that doesn't include him.

A guy who breaks up with you always looks back to see what you're doing. And when he sees nothing and knows nothing? He'll definitely fear the worst. His mind will conjure images of you snuggling up to another guy, and this will drive your exboyfriend crazy - even if he was the one who initiated the breakup.

Also look for the signs your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you. These are indications that whatever you're doing to make him jealous is actually starting to work.

Focus Inwardly On Yourself

Now that you've pulled the curtain over the stage, transform that stage into something that will knock your ex flat on his ass the next time he sees you.

Making Ex Want You

Need to get in shape? Hit the gym. Don't get out much? Get yourself a tan. Looking the same lately? Hit the mall, and buy yourself a whole bunch of new outfits that your boyfriend has never seen you in before.

In the end, you want to visualize what will happen the next time your ex sees you. You want him to be blown away by how good you look, and by how great you feel. These are things you would've accomplished without him, which will lead him to believe you're doing them for someone else.

When you start looking and feeling better, physically and superficially, you're going to start emotionally feeling a whole lot better too. Which leads to your next move...

Spread Positivity Everywhere

No guy wants to take back an emotional mess of an ex girlfriend. When your boyfriend finally does see you again, will you be a desperate, hopeless mess? Or will you have your chin up and a big smile on your face? Which one do you think is more attractive to him?

Looking at things from your ex boyfriend's viewpoint will help you realize what you need to do. By maintaining a positive outlook and staying cheerful, you're going to channel positive energy and surround yourself with happiness (and happy people).

This leads to success, always - in both relationships, and in life. Positivity spreads, and that's a great thing. Doing the opposite and going all negative after the breakup will always lead to failure. Why? Because your ex is a lot more likely to look condescendingly down on you at that point than he is to actually pity you.

Get Out and See Other People

The most sizzling hot ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous involve having him see you with other guys.

How to Make Him Jealous

Does this mean you should run out and date the first guy who asks you out? Of course not. But it does mean you should make yourself accessible... and the sooner, the better.

Curling up at home and not leaving the house is going to hurt your cause - if you want your ex boyfriend back, you need to create an attractive package. Get out, have fun, and make sure he sees you doing it.

Date other guys, and be open to the idea of connecting with them. Don't "mock up" a date or pick your friend's goodlooking brother to take you out... your ex will see right through that. If you want to make him jealous you have to be real... and you have to be having real fun to boot.

Most women are scared to take this step, because they think it makes them 'damaged goods'. They feel like they're cheating, and that their ex boyfriends won't want them back once they find out they were dating someone else during the breakup.

In reality though, the opposite couldn't be more true. An ex boyfriend does NOT want to see you being entertained by someone else - much less another guy - and this will make him jealous more than anything else. Guys are more territorial than you give them credit for, even when it comes to someone they rejected.

There are other great ways of making your ex boyfriend jealous, so find out what they are! And for a full-scale battle plan to reversing your break up, be sure to check out this amazing FREE video.

Jealousy is only one aspect of getting back together with an ex. Learn the others, and start being proactive about how you handle your breakup.

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