Why Would He Stop Texting Me?

It's one of the biggest questions you'll ask yourself right before (or during) a breakup: why the sudden lack of contact? I mean one minute you're texting all the time, dozens of messages each day, and the next... nothing!

Why He Stopped Texting You

Losing someone's interest can be crushing, especially if you're in a relationship. Yet before you can get your man's attention back again, you'll need to understand exactly why you lost in in the first place.

When your boyfriend suddenly goes cold, there are a couple of main culprits. Let's go over them one by one:

  You're fighting way too much

  You're being needy or overly clingy

  He's doubting whether or not you're worthy of him

  There's another girl in the picture

Now it can be one of these things, several, or even all four. But these are the major influences in how often a guy will call or text you. These are the larger reasons your relationship with him could go cold.

And the worst part? You'll push even harder. If you're being clingy, you'll move in even closer as you sense something wrong. If you've been pissed at him and fighting? You're going to be even angrier at him for not getting back to you, or texting you back.

There are 6 huge mistakes you can make at this point, and you'll want to avoid ALL of them. So the best thing to do is to learn what they are before you commmit them, or at the very least, so you can stop making those mistakes from this point forward.

Remember: text-messaging is a barameter of interest. It's a yardstick with which you can measure how much a guy is into you, or in the case of a lack of messaging, NOT into you any longer.

Examining The Reasons Guys Lose Interest

To understand men, you need to understand human nature. And the biggest lesson of seems really silly, yet it's something we all seem to overlook:

You always want most the things you CAN'T HAVE

Guys are always going to be this way. While they're chasing you, they love the thrill of the hunt. And when they catch you? It can feel overwhelmingly awesome to be loved.

But that's when the problem arises: once he has you, a guy needs to remain attracted to you. In much the same ways he was when he was pursing you, and didn't actually have you yet.

This is where mystery comes in. And this is where restraint is king (or queen, as the case may be).

BIG SECRET: men are attracted more to women who they can't easily read. A guy is always going to pursue you harder when you're NOT showing signs of interest, mainly because your lack of response is piquing his own interest. Nothing in the world will make a guy want you more than the moment he realizes he might not be able to get you. That's when you become a challenge. A goal, of sorts, to be attained.

And when a guy feels like you're slipping away? THAT'S when you'll gain his undivided attention. Because up until that point where he actually stands to lose you, the same guy is going to take for granted that you'll always be 'around'.

How to Draw Him Back and Regain his Interest

One of the biggest ways to rekindle interest is to make yourself scarce. Because right now, chances are he takes for granted that you're always at the other end of your cellphone.

So when you do get that rare text message? Don't answer it right away. Wait an hour or two, and let him wait for YOU to get back to him. Because honestly? The more messages you send, the more needy you are. The more you keep pounding away at the conversation, the quicker the guy will lose interest.

Blowing up your ex's phone shows you as weak, needy, and insecure. It's a direct measurement - without even saying anything at all - of how much you're still infatuated with him, and he'll take it exactly as such.

Constantly text your guy, and he'll let you keep on texting. Given enough rope, you'll eventually hang yourself.

To make him want you again, you need to seem strong. Confident. Your guy needs to believe you're a good catch, and that he accomplished something the day he put you on his arm. Like it or not, guys are constantly judging your worthiness to be with them (hey, girls do it too!) so you never want to seem like you need HIM more than he needs YOU.

Hanging back is what will give you value again. When you're not chasing or texting your ex, not blowing up his phone, not responding right away to contact, that's when he'll start seeing you as having a life of your own. And that's also what attracted you to him in the first place.

What Text Messages Can You Send to Get Him Back?

So when you do text him, what should you say?

Instead of texting aimlessly back and forth (and potentially screwing things up for good), it's always best to have a PLAN. That's where the following system: Text Your Ex Back comes into play.

Text your Ex Back System

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This fully-complete guide to fixing what's wrong in your relationship is based on text-based communication. For many couples these days this is a primary form of communicating, and for this reason you need to know EXACTLY what to say (and not say!)

One of the big mistakes people make is they text too much. But there are times when you should text your ex boyfriend, and it's during those times that you need to know WHEN, HOW, and WHAT to say to him that will renew his interest in seeing or meeting up with you.

Timing is everything. Wording is everything else.

If you don't know the in's and out's (and the do's and don'ts) of texting with someone who's withdrawing away, you're likely to make mistakes that will do irrepairable damage to whatever chance you might already have of fixing the relationship.

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